Therapeutic peat sauna

The SUOMAA therapeutic peat sauna relaxes the body and relieves pain and swelling

Based on experience, the physician Leena Larva argues that generalised tension in the muscles slows liquid absorption from the tissues. Physical activity is known to promote the circulation of the body’s fluids, but there is also evidence to suggest that therapeutic peat applied to the skin increases the flow of lymph to the arteries. Many people who have enjoyed a peat sauna have said that they felt a vigorous “tingling” in the body afterwards.

SUOMAA therapeutic peat sauna has also been shown to relieve menopausal problems, such as sweating, sleeping difficulties, depressed mood, lack of sexual drive and lack of energy (Aino clinic unpublished research, 2008). As tradition has it, peat helps with a hundred different troubles. Almost everyone who tries a peat sauna experiences a velvety soft feel of the skin and a light feeling in the body.

A SUOMAA therapeutic peat sauna is guided social therapy that is also aimed at increasing happiness.

The guided SUOMAA experience lasts about three hours, including the relaxation period at the start and end of the session. Everything needed is provided at the sauna: sauna textiles, a robe, slippers, water or tea to drink, and savoury bites.

The trained SUOMAA sauna masters are present the whole time, helping to guarantee a safe, research-based therapeutic experience. It is important to reserve plenty of time for the peat sauna session, as being in a rush will reduce the relaxing effect of the experience. For sportspeople, the SUOMAA sauna promotes effective recovery.

The peat sauna experience is at its best in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, or after a relaxing break in the day. To prevent dehydration, plenty of water should be drunk before, during and after the sauna. Subject to a doctor’s recommendations, the peat sauna experience can also be enjoyed by people with chronic illnesses. Peat treatment is not suitable for broken or inflamed skin. People who have recovered from cancer can also enjoy the peat sauna.

The SUOMAA therapeutic sauna offers medicine-free treatment for many ailments

Muscle pains and tension
Musculoskeletal ailments, e.g. rheumatism and osteoarthritis
Urinary tract illnesses
Menopausal symptoms
Lack of sexual drive
Weight management

Welcome to the SUOMAA therapeutic peat sauna!

The SUOMAA peat sauna experience is offered by Aino Klinikat in Metsäkansan Ainola, Valkeakoski, and by Nukula Oy in Toivakka. Group sauna sessions are arranged several times a month.
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SUOMAA tent sauna in the wilderness – a peat sauna is a therapeutic experience In a tent sauna, the gentle steam keeps the peat moist on the skin, and washing afterwards in a natural water basin is wonderfully refreshing. After the sauna, lie back and relax, looking at the clouds. Focusing on objects in the distance relieves eyes that are strained by staring for long periods at computer and smartphone screens. After a peat sauna, it’s easy to be mindful only of the here and now.

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“For me, the sauna experience is slow, calm and without time limits. The perfect experience includes cleanliness, nature and natural water, and a lake or sea landscape. 
The most important thing is to not be in a hurry”.
– Leena Larva on the perfect sauna experience